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This website is dedicated to the work of Conceptual Artist Grey Cross

Artists Statement

As a conceptual artist, I see art in everything around me. Every object (much to the distress of my partner) can and probably will become part of a future piece of art. My pieces are usually infused with bright color, but often hold a deeper and darker meaning behind those colors. Much of my work is “luminescent” meaning that some aspect of the piece is enhanced or changed by light. Some pieces are meant to be lit from both the front and the back, and hold hidden mysteries that are only revealed once the proper light is applied.

Many of my pieces could be considered both sculpture and painting, as they use materials that create three-dimensionality on what would otherwise be a flat canvas. I work with a variety of mediums that are constantly being augmented by new concepts.  I use grout, clay, metal and wire along with acrylic paints. I am also partial to using hot colored wax to lay down colors that are then enhanced with acrylics.

This website is many things to me: gallery to display my work, a forum for discussing issues of art, a place to describe techniques and post tutorials about materials I am experimenting with. I am never afraid to share techniques because no two artists ever create the same work. So don’t be afraid to ask about various ideas.

If you like the tutorials or the art on this site, we welcome donations to keep the studio going and create more art. I also accept commissions if you have a particular piece you are interested in.

The eternal language of Art needs no interpreting. We all speak it. I hope some of this work speaks to you.



Please enjoy this brief video of some of my work